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Sequoia 2.0 - Blender Add-on

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Sequoia 2.0 - Blender Add-on

3D Mansion Studio
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Grow or Shrink the elements


Quickly populate the scene and watch the result in real-time


What's new in Sequoia 2.0

  • Thumbnails preview

  • Color control

  • Subsurface control

  • Add your assets to Sequoia database

  • Light path control

  • Cleaner code and improved process speed

Thumbnails Preview

Browse through the thumbnails and pick the element you need

Color Control

Edit the asset colors and explore new creative results

Subsurface Control

Add a touch of realism to your natural landscapes

Add your assets to Sequoia

Now you can add your trees, plants and nearly anything you want to the Sequoia Database, create your own thumbnails and use them with the powerful Sequoia engine.

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Sequoia 2.0

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